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Our Custom Marketing Music Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

If You Had A Way To Get Into The Thoughts Of Your Prospective Customers And Have Them Thinking Of Your Brand Throughout The Day, What Would It Do For Your Business?

Here is how Marketing Music can catapult your campaigns to the next level:

A catchy song or jingle can stick in your mind, going on and on – till that brand or product becomes part of your consciousness. Asking for that product then comes naturally to you. Advertising companies regularly use catchy jingles and theme songs to promote products and engage in brand building.

Let me ask you a simple question:

If you had a catchy song about your company, products or services that would not only stick in people’s minds, but have them tapping their feet, singing along, and eventually convert them to buying customers, would that increase your business?

Music is a very powerful medium – especially when you have your own marketing music. What can your own branded theme song or jingle do for you?

How about:

  • When people call you on your phone, they hear your branded song as a caller tune – while you get ready to answer the call. In fact, you can do this for all your employees.
  • You and your employees can use your own branded song as your ringtone.
  • You can have your branded theme song playing on your site.
  • You can have each webinar or event start by playing your company theme song.
  • If you have web videos or presentations, you can have your own branded theme song play at the beginning, or have the music track play in the background.
  • You can use your branded song for radio or TV commercials.

The Right Kind Of Marketing Music Will Result In Greater Conversions For You!

That’s right!

I have been involved in creating music and audio productions over the past 17 years – dubbing for film, voice localization and songs. All the songs are recorded in my own studio with state-of-the-art equipment.

Being a marketer myself, I know how to take concepts and convert them into music – to help you build and promote your brand over and over.

Some Examples Of Marketing Music I Created:

Marketing music or branding music is something that is really in demand. As a business owner, what you want is something that will help encapsulate the spirit and character of your product. This includes the lyrics as well as the music.

A couple of songs that I did for well-known internet marketers are below.

Let’s Go GVO (GVO Theme Song):

This was a song I wrote and produced for Joel Therien, President, Global Virtual Opportunities. For those of you who don’t know, Joel Therien is an extremely successful marketer, with his own web hosting companies and video conferencing solutions. When he got in touch with me for a theme song for his company, he wanted something fast, upbeat, powerful – something that would capture the spirit of his company. Did he like it? You bet!

Lyrics and Music: Somesh Thakur
Lead Vocals: Nina Dickinson, Somesh Thakur
Backup Vocals: Nina Dickinson, Somesh Thakur
Instrumentation: Somesh Thakur
Arranged, produced and engineered by: Somesh Thakur

Acme People Search Dot Com (Acme People Search Theme Song):

Tissa Godavitarne, the creator of the extremely successful Acme People Search Engine, loved this song which I wrote and produced for his company. Again, this was a song that helped capture the essence of the services his company offered and the community he was building around his product.

Lyrics and Music: Somesh Thakur
Lead and Backup Vocals: Somesh Thakur
Instrumentation: Somesh Thakur
Arranged, produced and engineered by: Somesh Thakur

Here is a reaction from Tissa Godavitarne:

“I’ve worked closely with Somesh Thakur for a few years and I’ve always been impressed by the quality of services delivered. In particular, he created a promotional song that perfectly conveyed my company’s mission. Very conscientious with utmost attention to detail – highly recommended.”

Tissa Godavitarne, ACME People Search / ACME Phone Leads

If you liked those songs, you will find some more of my music in the sidebar on the right.

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